January 2009

2012 [29 01 09] a calm evening with nuclear-fairy in the big soup img_54771

pio_012flying over arad:

putti on clouds with mushroom auras holy ghost-aircrafts and all the rest


Virtuális plébánia
2003. dec. 8. … Szent István király (Színdarabok / Szentek ünnepeire) … kiesik a kard és a király elé borul) SZT. ISTVÁN: Ha Isten velem, ki ellenem? …

txt: “if god is with me who’s against me?”


“The widespread application of biotechnology for agrofuel production, including genetically engineered (GE) feedstock crops such as GE grasses and GE trees, and plans to use synthetic biology and other genetic engineering techniques to alter and construct microbes, is an unacceptable and dangerous risk. [7]”

Unsustainable Biofuels: Fueling Climate Change, Poverty and Environmental Devastation

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